Apr 5, 2015

Chocolate Mold Bowls


I always go to the craft store like Micheal's, Jo-ann, Hobby lobby to buy some craft supplies, so every time i go there i used to check for these mold and was postponing to try that. And this time it was my daughter who wanted to try and see how it will be. She was so excited to pick the colors and the molds. So you can find a variety of molds and colors, You can really make a nice treat out of it for kids party or play date. You can find wrappers boxes and teat bags to give for friends. Just tried by buying few colors and molds, it was really a fun project for my daughter. My son are all the fruits and "bowl" 

You can add any time of fruits in it, and also you can add some cake bits, fruits and strawberry, and make it a parfait in this bowl. Will be awesome for parties. 

Cuisine : American

Preparation time : 3 mins

Cooking time : 5 mins

Course : Dessert

Main Ingredient : Chocolate Melts

Ingredient :

Wilton Candy Melts - 1 cup (Brown Color)

Butter - 1 tbsp

Molds - Bowl mold (Wilton)

Strawberry - Chopped 1 cup

Black berry - 1/2 cup

Preparation :

  • To melt the candy, you can use a double boiler or melt in the microwave or, if you have the melting pot you can use it and melt the Wilton candy melts.
  • I used the double boiler, how to make this is, you have to take a sauce pan with some water and boil in the stove. Over it, you can use a bowl which will lock in the sauce pan's mouth and add the melts in the bowl and keep stirring with some butter in it.
  • The water that bowls will steam up and melt the chocolate in the bowl.
  • Now it is ready to shape them in the mold. Before using the mold you have to clean the mold well and dry it. Now pour the melt in the bowl half full. You will have two trays to make a bowl, one is the bottom tray where you will pour the chocolate, the other is the one which will press them in the top to give the bowl shape. 
  • Keep them in the refrigerator till you can see the chocolate is nice and shaped, now before you serve them with some fruit keep them in the freezer for like two minutes and then you can take it from the mold. 
  • Slowly take them with out breaking. Now it is time to add fruits and serve it.
Serving with fruits will be good, you can also add some whipped cream on top.

Serving per recipe : 3

Calories per serving : 100 approx
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